About our values

The Xenocracy Institute is a politically independent public policy research organization. This think tank serves to further public education through the production and dissemination of accessible commentary and scholarship. The Xenocracy Institute aims to provide a balanced and thoughtful perspective on topical issues, promoting open and rational debate based on evidence rather than ideology.

We commonly address public policy in comparative terms. Many of our research projects, therefore, have a transatlantic or international flavor. We are currently conducting and commissioning work in the following areas: xenocratization; education policy; electoral studies; the European Union; fiscal studies; health care; international relations; obesity; and the regulation of risk. The Xenocracy Institute welcomes enquiries, exchanges of ideas, and contributions from individuals or groups with an interest in these issues.

An Advisory Council, comprised of internationally renowned scholars and writers in a variety of disciplines, guides the work of the Xenocracy Institute’s research staff. Collectively, they seek to challenge conventional wisdom, stimulate policy debate, and enlighten the public conversation.